Sailor means...

Explorer, adventurer and dreamer, as a company we intend to provide our costumers the chance to explore the unexplored areas of Lisbon, through our first orginal tour "Parque das Nações" and upcoming projects, which topic consists in the Portuguese Age of Discovery. Sailors took the most important role during that time and were the responsible for the conquests of the new and undiscovered lands.

The Idea

A chance to explore the unexplored. The opportunity to run from the old-fashioned tourism at the city’s old quarters and guide them into a futuristic journey through Lisbon’s most bold architecture and art. A guided tour to fulfill the hole on personalized tourism at Parque das Nações and glorify the area as it deserves. For the surprise of many it happens that its beauty and boldness wouldn’t exist without history. Parque das Nações is inspiring! Its greatness is undeniable. It brings a new life to Lisbon, emerging from technology, from culture and from wisdom. It represents modernity, art and history.

The Tour

Parque das Nações Free Walking Tour was created to give the visitor an insight of what is hidden behind the beauty of Lisbon’s most recent and stunning buildings. The amazing contemporary architecture of the new quarters of the city, with buildings authored by many renowned architects, both national and international, is a homage to the most glorious era of Portuguese history. Though hard to spot by the common tourist and even by locals, the entire area of Parque das Nações is inspired by the Age of Discovery. It is a surprise to many to realize how contemporary architecture, urban planning and urban art came together to praise all those Portuguese kings, sailors and explorers and their conquests and achievements over the 15th and 16th centuries. All of those landmarks were carefully planned from scratch with the objective of hosting the biggest event ever held in Portugal: the EXPO’98. With that edition proving to be one of the most successful in the World, a completely new and different centrality of the city emerged by the Tagus River, providing locals and visitors lots of entertainment, leisure and cultural areas.

The Mission

Let people see (VER) Lisbon. We want you to:

  • Visit the city and give a shot to the unconventional tourism
  • Experience the visit and learn about the history of the places
  • Remember the experience and have more reasons to be in love with Lisbon

The Vision

Entertain people from all around the world when visiting Lisbon, making it fun and attractive and making them want more. Also to give the tourists the opportunity to visit and learn about Lisbon according to their travel budgets and without the need to plan ahead. Sailor wants to grow up in direction to the untraditional, discovering what Lisbon is hiding from the tourists and revealing that to them in the most attractive and creative ways.

The Values

The values in which Sailor believes are meant to inspire everyone, customers, workers, partners and the world in general. They stand for what Sailor believes to be the road to success:

  • Instructive - live to learn and you’ll learn how to live.
  • Creative - don’t stick to what’s thrown at you.
  • Inclusive - give a shot to everyone to be part of it.
  • Bold - put yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Passionate - if you don’t feel it, you’re not doing it right!