About us

We offer you the chance to visit the "New Lisbon" through guided tours. We are the only brand in Lisbon offering organized and regular visits to Parque das Nações, an unique and unexplored area of Lisbon!
The idea

The architectural beauty of Parque das Nações is undeniable! And it is full of hidden stories about the Portuguese Age of Discovery. Why not put both together and explore it in a walking tour?
The tours

Besides showing the attractions of Parque das Nações, our tours give an insight about the origins of the "New Lisbon" and how it relates to the history and culture of Lisbon and Portugal.
Our mission

Bring to the surface all the potential of Parque das Nações as a touristic attraction and improve it to the best so people feel thrilled to know about this outstanding area of Lisbon!
Fearless, adventurers and explorers! It comes from one of the topics in our tours: the Age of Discoveries. Just like sailors discovered new lands, we discover the "New Lisbon" with you.
A sail to the wind. Primarily inspired by the caravel's sail: a triangle. Its curve and bottom lines represent movement. Its minimalism portrays the glamour and cleanness of architecture at Parque das Nações.

In our motto the word "sail" is used with the meaning of "explore" and "discover" referring to the role of the sailors during the Age of Discovery.

Sail the city with us!

Our Vision

Make it fun and keep it simple... But always out of the box!

We want to grow in direction to the untraditional, discovering what Lisbon is hidding and revealing it in the most creative ways.
Our Values

be Instructive live to learn, learn to live

be Bold get out of the comfort zone

be Inclusive give a shot to everyone

be Creative skip the obvious

be Passionate feel it and you'll do right