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Get to know Parque das Nações, the most recent area of Lisbon, in a guided tour suiting your travel budget. We work for tips... so you get to choose how much the tour is worthy!

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 2.30 pm
 2.30 pm

Gallery and Description

What will we do?

We will meet at the Oriente Station and from there we'll beging our journey! We will discover the 'New Lisbon' together! Through the contemporary buildings and urban art works of Parque das Nações you'll hear about its origins, which go back to the International Exposition of 1998 (Expo'98), and about the history of Portugal related with the Age of Discovery. Our guide will tell you the inspiration of the architects for all the most famous buildings of Parque das Nações which is strictly connected with the theme of Expo'98: The Oceans: a heritage for the future! Find out how all those sailors and kings from the 15th and 16th centuries inspired the architecture and urban art of the 'New Lisbon'. Besides, you will also hear about other Portuguese traditions and personalities like Amália Rodrigues, Eusébio or José Saramago.

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We work for tips. That means in the end of the tour you can decide how much the tour is worthy and tip us!
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Main Entrance
Av. D. João II, 1990-233 Lisboa
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